Kobe Fashion Institute was founded in 1937. For 82 years, the institute has sent many students to fashion industries. 8 courses in two departments that you can select. Students can choose which is fit for their career. The department offers students to learn skills, knowledge and a sense of which are important to engage in special jobs in the fashion business.
* All classes are operated in Japanese.

Fashion Creator Department

[3-year course]

Apparel Design Course
For students who intend to work in the planning and designing section in apparel industries.
Apparel Technical Course
This course offers the technical skills of pattern making from the basic to expert.
Haute Couture Course
To develop specialists of high level skill in sewing.

[2-year course]

Fashion Design Course
To study a wide range of fashion business and creation.
Fashion Goods Course
Students can learn to make various fashion products.
Shoes Course
The objective of shoes course is to learn the technique of designing and production.

Fashion Business Department

[2-year course]

Fashion Business Course
This course is related for the student to be a professional salesperson, buyer, merchandiser and shop owner in the fashion business.
Stylist & Coordinator Course
Classes are prepared for training to become professional stylist and coordinator of fashion.
Bridal Course
To become a professional wedding planner, students learn wedding planning, etiquette and dressing.

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